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TCT Circular Saw Blade

TCT Saw Blades

Industrial quality precision circular saw blades:

Large range of ATB blades, panel sizing, scoring blades, thin kerf blades, aluminium-cutting etc.

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Thin Planing Knives

Thin Planing Knives - Plain & Slotted

Large stocks of HSS and TCT knives to suit most machines

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Serrated Back Knife

Serrated Back Knives

Stocked in T1 steel

(18% tungsten) and TCT.

40mm, 50mm, 60mm or 70mm high

TCT also stocked in 8mm thickness for limiter blocks.

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Profile knives in cutter block

Knives Profiled To Order

Any shape of moulding reproduced for:

Safety profile cutter blocks

Whitehill cutter blocks

Serrated back cutter blocks

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Hakansson Silco Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw Blades

UK distributor of Hakansson bandsaw blades:

Hakansson 'Silco' for wood & metal

Hakansson Bi-Metal for production cutting

Hakansson 'Citu' for meat and fish

Hakansson 'Hobby' for small machines

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Regrinding a TCT Saw Blade

Resharpening Service

Weekly collection and delivery within local area.

Saw Blades, Knives, Guillotine Blades, Cutters, Router Cutters, Drills, Diamond Tooling all sharpened in-house

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